Monday, June 16, 2014

Alphabet game - food version.

Playing with H:
A. Apple.  
B. Bun Bo Hue
C. Cake
D. Donut
E.  Eel
F. Food
G. Guacamole 
H. Halo halo

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Convo between the 4 and 3 y.o.

Both seated on the bottom of the stairs.
S: Logs, this the right way?  (Putting her socks on)
L:  Sawah, I don't think it's right.  Get me a glue stick.
S:  A blue stick?
L:  No, a glue stick.
S:  Oh!  I can't find one.
L:  Ok.
I wonder if he's figured out that she hasn't actually gone to look for the glue stick.

I've also figured out that S is quite cunning.
Me:  Sarah, bring this down to Poh Poh.
She walks to the top of the stairs, looks down and summons her brother.
S:  Logs, come here.
L:  Yah?
S:  Give this to Poh Poh.
L:  Ok.
Funnily enough, they don't always get along.  So I'm quite amused that he would even listen to her.

Favourite bedtime routine between them.  They bunk in the same room.
S:  Good night, Logi.  I love you.
L:  Grrr…
S:  I said good night, Logi.  I love you.
L:  No.
S:  Mom, he said no.
Me:  Logan….
L:  Ok.  thank you.  Grumble grumble.  I love you too (mumble mumble)
S:  He didn't say good night.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Year end Teacher gift

This year I helped purchase the year end teachers gift for our kindergarten class. One teacher, one teacher assistant and something for the rest of the staff. Being a lazy soul, I always opt to give a gift cert/card.

Luckily at the beginning of the year, I had sent a "get to know your teacher questionnaire". So I knew which gift card they would want.

Teacher likes Gardenworks. Assistant likes Chapters. Unfortunately for this lazy soul, since its to be given from "all of us", I thought that a bit more effort was needed than "Thanks yo. It's been swell. Here's a gift card."

So teacher gets a pair of yard gloves, a garden gnome with the Gardenworks & Starbucks cards inside a pot.

Assistant gets the Chapters and Starbucks cards in a tumbler.

Staff gets a Tassimo coffee brewing system.

And for kid #1's teachers: something super fun. Beach towel, gummy bears, Archie comics and some nail polish so that they can have a fantastic summer!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


He does this when he "checks" out the guys. As in I'm watching you. And the guys - usually Hailey's classmates' parents or grandparents.

Help me now.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Sarah walks in on me (mid pee), gasps with eyes wide open and says "you did it, mom. High five. You want sticker?"

So this is what I look like.

And potty training continues...